Decorating Your Home with Color

Six Colors to Decorate Your Home With

When it comes time to sell your house, here at Morrison Home Team of @properties, we always recommend a few things to be done prior to listing it. For example, cleaning up the curb appeal because first impressions are lasting impressions. Or decluttering the entire place to make the space seem larger. Another thing we encourage our sellers to consider: the color of the rooms in their home.

Subconsciously, color evokes emotions that could play a role in how potential buyers feel when they walk into your house. If you are thinking about making some changes in your décor, consider incorporating the following colors:


Everyone loves a white kitchen, but why are we so attracted to it? White invokes feelings of cleanliness and goodness, and it usually reflects light well which makes the space look even brighter.

Silver/Light Grey Kitchen of 748 Prairie Avenue, Barrington

Silver/Light Grey:

This color is often associated with a feeling of glamor, grace, and sleekness. It is why we see the trend of popular grey scale homes lately. We also see it go hand in hand with white, because the two colors play off each other so well, like in this kitchen at our listing at 748 Prairie Avenue.

Blue walls in 50 Hillburn Lane, North Barrington


Blue is considered a serene color, most likely because it’s association with water. Blue subconsciously makes people feel at peace, which is exactly what you would like buyers to feel in your home! This guest room at 50 Hillburn Lane is exactly the type of room we would like to stay in while visiting.

Yellow Exterior of 603 S Summit Street, Barrington


While decorating with yellow can sometimes be intimidating, this color often makes people feel energetic, warm, and happy. We think this is related to its association with the sun. If you don’t want to use it on the inside, our listing at 603 S Summit Street is a great example of a beautiful shade of yellow used to welcome everyone who drives past the home!

Green walls of 82 Paganica Drive, Barrington Hills


Because there is so much green in the environment, this color makes spaces feel fresh and grounded. It is also one of the easiest colors to match several shades together. This calming shade of green used in the Great Room at our listing at 82 Paganica Drive brings a breath of fresh air to the space.

Pink Walls in 2 Far Hills Road, Barrington Hills


While pink is usually associated with being quite feminine, it also encourages feelings of happiness, compassion, and playfulness. We love how this shade energizes this dining room at our listing on 2 Far Hills Road in Barrington Hills.

We hope this mini color guide and psychology lesson taught you a little something, and as always, if you are thinking about buying or selling your home, reach out to John Morrison at 847.409.0297.

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