Get a Head Start on Prepping your Home for the Spring Market

Three Ways to Prep for the Spring Market

Thinking about listing your home this spring? Well, we know of a few great listing agents…

Morrison Home Team
Morrison Home Team

The spring market typically kicks off right after Super Bowl Sunday, this year on February 2nd. After that, the real estate market gets flooded with buyers trying to find that special home and sellers trying to make their home appealing to these buyers.

If you are considering listing this spring, here are a few tips to get a headstart on this, before you officially go on the market:

Start Decluttering and Organizing Your Home:

Organized Living room

You want buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home, and that is hard to do when there is a lot of clutter visible. Start with the closets, because emptier closets make the storage space look larger. Then consider moving on to bookcases and desks. Finally, if you have a walk-in pantry, organize it in a way that makes the space look large and clean while still being able to function as a pantry. The goal is to be ready for the day when your home is professionally photographed for the MLS, then you can make a beautiful first impression online!

Consider Minor Repairs to Freshen Up Your Look:

Updated Bathroom

Minor repairs include fresh coats of paint (we usually recommend more neutral colors), changing lightbulbs that need it (make the space bright and airy!), and even recaulking the bathtub or shower. All of these are great things to do that may not affect the overall value of your home, but they will appeal to buyers and hopefully aid your home in selling faster.

Clean up Your Curb Appeal:

Updated Curb Appeal

This year, fall and winter seemed to get confused about when they were supposed to arrive.  That being said, there might be a lot of clean up that needs to happen in your yard with fall leaves still on the ground. Consider using one of these unusually warm winter days to clean up outside and make that curb appeal pop! That way, when the For Sale sign is in your yard and potential buyers drive by, you are ready to make them fall in love with your home.

Finally…give us a call! When you are ready to list your home, call a Morrison Home Team agent at 847.409.0297.

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