MHT’s Favorite Weekend Getaways

Here at Morrison Home Team of @Properties, we love Chicago and we love the Chicago suburbs, but sometimes you just need to get out of the hustle and bustle for a bit.

We polled around for our favorite weekend getaways from Chicago and are excited to share them with you! Looking for the perfect place to relax or bring kids? Read on!


John: Our favorite place to go with the family is Lake Geneva, WI. The town is quaint, quiet, and beautiful and as much fun for my daughters as it is for my wife and I. In the winter, we go up for Winterfest and make sure to check out the Ice Castles. You can look up the dates that they are open online! In the summer, our favorite thing is to rent a boat in Williams Bay and drive the lake for a little while before stopping at Pier 290 for dinner.

Liz: Both of our kids attended Iowa State University for college, so my husband and I have become HUGE Cyclone fans because of it! Even though they have both graduated, we still make time every fall and winter to go back and watch a football and basketball game at their alma mater. It’s a fun family getaway, and we all get to pretend like we are back in college!

Liz at Iowa State game with husband
Huge win for Iowa State this past season resulted in a field storming!

Lisa: We are also big Lake Geneva fans! It’s less than an hour from Barrington, so it makes for the perfect place to spend some time–even if it’s just a day. My daughter and I love the year round activities like skiing, boating, and kayaking. If we are looking for a more relaxed visit, we head to the annual art festivals and the Oktoberfest celebrations!

lighthouse along beach

Crystal: My family and I often visit Union Pier, Michigan. It’s a really easy drive at just 60 miles from Chicago. Right next door, New Buffalo has awesome shops and restaurants! We rent a house along the beach (in the summer especially) and enjoy a relaxing weekend to recharge.

Hopefully these have inspired you to get out and around this year!

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