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Three Ways to Tidying Up Your Home

On the heels of the wildly popular Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, we thought it would be very beneficial to go over a few ways to declutter your home while it is on the market. These things will not only help your home look well cared for, but will also help your packing process prior to moving! Here is what we suggest:

Go Through Personal Items

Depersonalized Bedroom

A depersonalized home doesn’t have to mean a boring one! These sellers at 239 W Russell street still made the space their own while still allowing space for buyers to visualize themselves in the home.

We often tell our clients that the more they are able to “depersonalize” their home, the easier it is for prospective buyers to visualize themselves in it. Take this as an opportunity to go through photos that are on display on walls or refrigerators and take down extra photo frames on shelves to make them appear larger. These are just a few ideas on how to not only make the place look cleaner, but also allow buyers to feel more at home in, hopefully, their future home!

Declutter Your Décor

Decluttered Living Room

This neutral, but stunning decor at 42 Brinker Road helps guide the focus to the space and the view to the outdoors.

It’s time to implement the “less is more” rule. Take a walk through your house and decide where you can take away decorative pillows on beds and rid the room of too many patterns. We often suggest our clients also neutralize their color palates by decorating and painting in greys and whites so the décor does not take away from the beauty of the home. This is a great way to make the entire space feel light and airy upon entering.

Clear Off Your Counters

Decluttered Kitchen

Even with all of this counter space at 26360 Glenbarr Lane, it is still beautifully clear of clutter!

This may seem like an obvious step to cleaning your home, but sometimes “tidy” and “clear” are two different things. Tidy is, perhaps, your toothbrushes on the bathroom counter in a cup. But if you want the space to seem larger and cleaner, we suggest putting the toothbrush cup in a cabinet. The same goes for pencils on a desk, even salt and pepper shakers on a kitchen counter. People want to see what the space looks like without distractions and going around with a fine-toothed comb is a good way to do it.

We hope these quick clean up tricks have sparked some ideas (and joy!) on how to better prepare your home to sell. If you know anyone currently going through the home selling process, please pass this information on to them!

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