MHT’s Show-Ready Check List

Checklist to Trying to Sell Your Home

Here at Morrison Home Team, we know that it is hard to live in a home while you are trying to sell it. Constantly tidying up, leaving the house at a moment’s notice, and trying to impress people who you don’t know is exhausting! Here is our list of tasks to help you out when it comes to getting your house show-ready for any type of buyer:

Make it Less Personal

Neutral Living Room
This neutral space in our listing at 1 Jane Lane is so relaxing and welcoming to anyone.

Do your best to make the home as impersonal as possible. Family photos, artwork on the refrigerator, even framed pictures on the desk. All of this can distract buyers and could keep them from being able to picture themselves in your home. Along with depersonalizing, it is also wise to neutralize aspects of your home. For example, any shocking wall color or busy wall paper might intimidate potential buyers if they think they will need to repaint the entire home because it doesn’t match their décor. Creating a neutral environment will help welcome all sorts of potential buyers.

Make it Squeaky Clean

Clean Bathroom
We love the simple, clean, elegance in this bathroom at our listing at 241 Biltmore Drive in North Barrington.

This might be the cheapest way to stage your home: getting your hands dirty to make sure everything is clean! Dust those shelves, vacuum all that pet hair, bleach that bathtub, is it time to have those carpets cleaned? If you work hard to make your space as bright and shiny as possible, it will pay off! Decluttering also falls under this category. Take some time to box up and store items that are just taking up space in closets and other hidden spots throughout the house. The effect will make the storage spaces seem larger without so many things stuffed in there. Decluttering also goes for surfaces: only keep the necessities. For example, in your bathrooms, keep soap and maybe a hand towel out on the counter by the sink. Put away anything else such as toothpaste, toothbrush holders, makeup, etc. Making everything less “busy” will make the space more calming to those walking through.

Make it Fresh

Updated Kitchen with large Island
This updated kitchen at our listing at 239 W Russell Street is absolutely stunning!

Is your wall color looking a bit bland? Or maybe you have some cracked tile in the bathroom? Sometimes tackling projects like these can breathe fresh air into an otherwise tired home. Even something as small as purchasing new pillows for the couch or bedding for the beds can make the space look more updated. Think about what buyers are currently looking for, what colors are popular right now, what decorating styles? This will not only catch a buyer’s eye, but hopefully attract them enough to make an offer.

Make it Bright

Large Sunroom
We love this sunroom at 23630 Glenbarr Lane!The numerous, large windows, light furniture, and light walls effectively bounce more natural light throughout the home.

Looking for another easy way to stage your space? Just add light! That can be a lamp or light fixture, or simply opening up the blinds and window treatments all the way. Another trick we tell our clients is to add a mirror to a small space to bounce light across the room and to make it feel larger. Having lighter colored furniture can also trick the eye into making a space look larger by enhancing the effects from the lighting.

Make it Noticeable

Large Spacious Patio
Just look at the pops of color out on the patio of our listing at 14 Longmeadow Drive! We love how bright and happy this space looks. Definitely draws our eye!

Create focal points in every room that draw the eye towards spots you want to be noticed. Would you like buyers to notice your beautiful brick fireplace? Place some bright flowers on the mantel to draw the eye there. Or, hold attention in the relaxing master bedroom by adding a headboard to the bed. This maximizes space and adds a more luxurious feel to the room. Want to show off your beautiful patio or deck? Add some brightly colored pillows to the outdoor furniture and disperse a few potted plants! These tricks will show off the best features in your home without taking the focus off the other positive aspects!

Are you thinking about listing your home? Contact John Morrison of the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0297 with any questions about beginning this process.

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