Why to Buy and Sell Your House in the Fall

Four Reasons to Buy and Sell in the Fall

When it comes to the housing market, the general consensus is to buy or sell in the Spring and Summer, since that is the busiest time for real estate. While it’s true that the warmer months tend to see more action, that doesn’t mean that you should omit fall and winter completely! Why not continue your buying and selling process when the rush has died down and you are able to take your time and make the best decision for you and your family?

John and the Morrison Home Team, believe that Fall and Winter are the best, secret times to buy or sell. We broke down the reasons for both buyers and sellers below:


Fewer people searching for houses

Like we mentioned, spring and summer are the busy, busy times in the real estate world. But in the fall? We tend to see a fewer number of buyers actively searching. This trend continues through the winter, until the cycle picks back up again in the spring (by the way, our Spring Market starts the first week of February). So why not use this to your advantage? With fewer buyers, John and your Morrison Home Team broker can devote more time to you and your needs. The other perk? There is a lower chance of someone going up against you in a bidding war on your dream home!

Exterior of Home
This incredible home at 63 Brinker Road looks even more incredible in the fall foliage!

Sellers are serious

This is a huge plus when it comes to fall purchasing. With a smaller number of houses on the market, more often than not, it means that these sellers aren’t experimenting or “just trying to see what they can get” for their house. They are truly looking to sell, which will make the negotiation and closing process so much easier, since both parties are 100% interested in closing the deal! And if coffee is for closers, then we want that coffee!


Competition leaves the market

Since Spring and Summer are such hot months to have your home on the market (literally and figuratively), we tend to see a lot of the remaining homes leave the market for the colder months. Therefore, there is less competition when buyers are searching for their dream home. Now is the time for your house to stand out from the crowd and for sellers to have more of a chance to achieve the sale that you have been looking for!

Home for Sale at 200 W Russell Street
This village listing at 200 W Russell Street is a great spot to jump on as the leaves change!

Buyers are serious

Much like the fact that you, as a seller, are more serious, buyers are as well! They aren’t just “shopping around” to see what they can find. If they are out and about, trudging through chilly rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, they are serious about buying! Use this to your advantage to negotiate a deal that will satisfy both parties and you will be very glad you kept your home on the market during this time!

Are you thinking about starting your home buying process this fall? Contact John Morrison or another Morrison Home Team broker to get started!

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